Global G-2 20 Cm – Top Choice

Global G-2 is a real classic when it comes to kitchen knives. It has won several tests and repeatedly receives high marks from customers and experts. If you are only going to buy a knife, this is a very good choice.

It is a knife that we and many others believe can fit into most kitchens, as it combines high quality with value for money and good comfort.

The Material of the Blade

Global knives are made of high-carbon stainless steel and the alloying elements molybdenum and vanadium, called Cromova 18. It provides a very sharp and durable knife that keeps the thin edge sharp, even though the steel is not the hardest. The sanding edge of about 15 degrees lasts a long time and is easy to sand up again if needed.

How Is It to Handle?

With a lightweight 172 grams and a hollow handle with a flexible grip surface, it is comfortable to work with and works in most situations.

We have experienced a problem with this knife because it is not very comfortable to use if you have wet hands and cut things for a long time. Therefore, be sure to wipe the handle and keep your hands dry for maximum comfort.

If you have dry hands, you get a good grip on the knife, and its lightweight means that you can easily maneuver it and use it even when grinding.

Without Much Effort

It is very sharp and does not require much force to cut through even tough raw materials. Cutting really thin slices of something or chopping finely is also easy and is done without much effort.

What Do Others Say About the Global G-2?

  • SVTplus, The winner, “The more expensive Global G-2 knife turned out to be the best in all test steps.”
  • Test facts, Top-ranked, “Well-balanced.”
  • Aftonbladet, 4/5, “It is well balanced. The handle is reasonably long, and the blade has a good height. It feels sharp and does not pull in any direction when I cut. A safe card.”
  •, Winners, “Examining pure performance the Global G-2 is the best of the bunch.”

Global G-1 – Plus and Minus

  • Really sharp
  • Made of high quality and durable materials
  • Easily cut through most things
  • Not very comfortable to handle when wet hands

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